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Radiated, Creature, Champagne, ragged, Lump

Diploma Exhibition 2023

„The multimedia installation of my thesis, which will be presented in June 2023, offers a fascinating insight into various facets of my artistic development. Beginning with the seven variations of plaster casts of an advertisement ice cream cone, which I made many years ago as a temporary worker, to the chainsaw-carved wooden sculpture of the „Procrastination Pig,“ which captures the art of avoidance, a multifaceted narrative about time, craftsmanship, and personal development is presented.

The starting point of my work, my first published novel, which addresses themes of female sexuality, pornography, and the appropriation of voice, provides an important foundation for reflecting on the positioning of queer women in relation to sexual desires and experiences of violence.

The installation is complemented by performative elements such as the ac-tion „Stupid Question,“ where a bucket full of tennis balls is emptied to address the question of the role and impact of art in our political reality and to challenge visitors to interact.“ Anne Schmidt

Academy of fine arts Vienna

Fachbereich Objektbildhauerei Julian Göthe

Kurzbauergasse 9

1020 Wien

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