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Fake, you rotten fake

Installation and performance, 2019, Fortess Salzburg

Thinking about hosts, business cards came up to my mind, and how I gonna enthuse you by telling that I got new ones in a stuffy chat about a normal life. And how I tell Sammy that he has to open his mouth, how he gonna stick out his tongue with closed eyes and I lay the card with the insignia on it.

You close your mouth 

and swallow it and all I’m standing for incorporates voiceless into your body. 

The devil dog dirty moment when I left the field with boots covered with dirt till my knees. How I interrupted myself from eating a cheese and bread and told the table I have to leave. I´m leaving right now. I can’t care that you couldn’t think trough. 

How I was getting you text while sitting in the libaray drawing legionairs form Asterix and Obelix Comics stumbling over each other. Laughing and save between books and themes, schoolkinds, and insanes, newspaper addicteds and braids, vocabllar water bottles.How I got your text saying police officers just arrived to train the tracker dogs just on the same field I dirted my shoes on.

I just skipped one pre meeting 

I couldnt stopp laughing anymore, when one of the canidates for president presented his ideas about art and teaching, I was just getting up in still wearing this shoes, when he started to talk about how a art student, female, would come up to him, all imperative all philosophie of arts on his office desk. 

I left my coffee, I started to splitt it around. 

Later my college in chairholding quitly said he things I m going mad. I didnt toke the time for a last talk, this serious talks this job allowed me to do about misbehavior of our mambers, but that I just missed the even that appointment.

I feel my ears getting hot and bleeding. 

There was me at Open studio days standing on the carpet in Mandys office and announcing loud I m on my period since 10 minitus. Which color of plastic cups we were discussting to order at amazon. For blood mary. 

“Black” I had begged. Probably my way to intense glance and begging to death voice made obviously that I what I was picturing. The red thick blood in my black random pants. 

“We aren’t in a dark room” the coteacher Bella tried to stop me. My eyes left Martin alone with amazon. I was gazing her for minuts. It sounded as she tries a different language. But she kept silence. My eyes in her squat face. Before I turn and step on this carpet. 

And ask Cate and Lara sharp

Out of content

“Is there anything new in your life?” They looking at each other and back to me. Cate negated and asked me back, what new in my life. 

I clearly loud answer: “I just got my period.” Picturing my red finger. “10 minitus ago.”

Of course they took the color the head master wants. Purple. Everybody agresss thats a tasteful choice.

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