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Come as you are

Diploma Prize 2023

Kunsthalle Vienna Karlsplatz, 2024

Radiated, Creature, Champagne, shaggy, Lump

2023 ·  Installation · plaster, tennis balls, wooden piglet, novel· 360 × 250 × 100 cm

„Anne Schmidt’s protean œuvre culminates in her thesis installation Strahlte, Geschöpf, Champagner, zottig, Klumpen [Radiated, creature, champagne, shaggy, lump], which stars giant ice-cream-cone sculptures, a chainsawed “procrasti-nation pig,” the autofictional novel Me after Two Anal Orgasms, and tennis balls as well as the artist herself. Schmidt’s precise and vigorous engagement with norma-tive images of desire in capitalist consumer society and probing creative scrutiny of institutional logics reflects her background as both an activist and a scholar of culture.“


Astrid Peterle, Curator

Photos: Klaus Pilcher

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