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Mountains and Mist
March 9 – April 13, 2024

Mountains Gallery 

Weydingerstr. 6
10178 Berlin

Aware of their Sense of Ease

2022 · Laminated wood, heat, oil stain · 42 × 15 × 15 cm · Unique

Anne Schmidt‘s work refers to the handmade wooden shoes from the saga „My Brilliant Friend“ („L‘amica geniale“) by Elena Ferrante, in which shoemaking plays a significant role in the lives of the main characters, especially Lila Cerullo. The story takes place in the poverty-stricken Naples of the 1950s. Lila is a talented and ambitious young woman who has big dreams despite her humble origins.

Shoemaking also serves as a metaphor for Lila‘s aspirations and her struggle against the constraints of her environment. Through her work in the workshop, she fights against poverty and tries to break free from the tight constraints of her social circumstances.

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