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Anne Schmidt (*1990, Germany) is multimedia artist and auto-fictional writer. She lives and works in Vienna. She studied at sociology and politic at University Leipzig, crime studies at Teesside University Middlesbrough, sculpture, performance and abstract painting Academy of fine arts in Vienna and completed the post grad program Maumaus ISP, Lisboa.

She is teaching techniques of performance, writing, painting and sculpturing, contemporary art history and art critic in workshops for children, teenagers, adults, students and colleagues.

She showed in Collection Ludwig at museum for modern art (mumok), Belvedere21 museum for contemporary art and Kunsthalle in Vienna, amongst fairs and international exhibitions in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Iran, Switzerland. Her works are international and private collections.

Anne Schmidt (*1990, Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany) is an artist and author. At the age of fifteen, she worked as a sour cherry harvester and in a factory for cheese products in order to finance her prom dress as well as her living expenses. Later, she completed a few degrees at prestigious institutions, including sociology, criminology, art and art criticism. She has participated in exhibitions with international reach, publishes, and would like to attach herself to the street for hours with superglue to create silent cities for passengers. By today, she counted that to finance her interest in the world, she has worked thirty-two jobs. Her next book will be autobiographical, non-fictional, feminist criminology on sexual, patriarchal violence.


Postgraduate program

    Maumaus, Independent Study Program, Lisboa 

     Art Criticism and Transdisciplinary Research, 2020


Diploma studies

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

    Institute of Fine Arts 2015 - 2023

    Object sculpture, class Julian Göthe 

    Abstract painting, class Michaela Eichwald/Thomas Winkler

    Title of the thesis: "radiated", "creature", "champagne", "shaggy", "lump".

    Completed with an overall grade of 1.0 and award on 07.06.2023


Guest studies

    Weißensee School of Art, Berlin

    Sculpture with Hannes Breuer, 2014 - 2015


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

   University of Leipzig, DE, 2010 - 2015

    Teeside University, Middlesbrough, UK, 2012 - 2013

    Institute of Social Sciences and Philosophy

    Core subjects Sociology and Criminology


Prizes and scholarships

2024 Diplomat*innen Prize - Exhibition

          Kunsthalle, Vienna

2023/24 Mentoring Program

          Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2023/24 Starting Grant

          Federal Ministry for Culture, Arts and Sports, Vienna

2023 Stipend for literature of the city of Vienna

2022 Vordemberge-Gildewart Prize - Exhibition

          Mumok - Museum for Modern Art, Vienna

2020 Working scholarship of the city of Vienna

2019 Scholarship for study trip Tehran

          Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2019 Scholarship for International Summer School Salzburg

          Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2015 - 2023 various project grants from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Teaching and assistantships

Today since Juli 2023 Head of Art Workshop

Artistic techniques, creative writing, contemporary art history

for young people between 15 and 20 years 

Volkshilfe Vienna, 1110 Vienna


Sept. 2023 till Oct. 2022 Student assistant 

for Prof. Mag. Dr. Sabeth Buchmann

Preparation and supervision of lectures

Institute for Art and Cultural Studies

Academy of Fine Arts, 1010 Vienna


Aug. till Sept. 2022 Pedagogical assistant of a wood workshop

Open children and youth work

"Building Workshop. Building with wood" 

For children between 7 -12 years

Vienna Family Association, 1150 Vienna


2022 till 2015 Artistic assistantships

with Michael Beutler, performer, Moby Dick Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

with Esther Stocker, studio work, Vienna

with Eva Maria Schaller, Performer, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna

Holding of workshops, artist talks, residencies

2023 International Author Symposium "Lost Element of Official Ceremonies" 

          Hotel Magdas, Vienna

2022 Residency "Bahnhof Grießen. Sustainable Unusability of Unproductivity,

          Listlessness and Summer Holes"

          with Linda Stauffer and Corina Heinrich, Grießen

2020 Workshop "Concrete. Fascination of hardness"

          with Samira Engel, Weimar

2020 Workshop "Caravan of Crime. Ceramics, criminalization and travel in global


          with Julia von Schottky, Central Germany

2020 Teacher Training "Glab Verlag. Publishing intimate violations",

          with Corina Heinrich, Zurich

2020 Artist Talk "Michelangelo and Me. Imitated Identities",

          Vinvin Gallery, Vienna

2019 Teacher Training "Performative Strategies and Appropriation of Embarrassment."

          with Corina Heinrich, Vienna, Leipzig

2018 Residency "Tempo, Diarrhea, Targets. Basketball and Kathy Acker in a Transnational


          with Linda Stauffer and Corina Heinrich, Tessin

2018 "Schalkismus. Founding of an Art Current with Party Political Influence"

          Vienna, Leipzig, Zurich

2018 Workshop "Dandy and Deco. Poseable Objects"

          with Yannick Steiner and Lukas Gritzner, Vienna 

2017 Workshop "Draufgehen. Filmic narratives for uncomfortable situations",

          with Julia von Schottky, Sofia to Varna.

2016 Working Collective, "The Loft. Appropriation of Idols and Institutions."


Participation in residencies and workshops

2023 Zvona i nari Residency

          for writers, Ližnjan, Croatia

2023 Queer writing workshop Any_One

          Academy of Graphic Arts and Letterpress Printing, Leipzig

2022 Autofictional writing and class

          Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2021 Residency Sign Project Space

          with Linda Stauffer, Groningen, NL

2020 Parasite Residency

          Bauhaus Prize, Weimar

2019 Magic and Concept

          Course with Ei Akawara and Sarah Chow, Summerschool Salzburg, Austria

2017 Workshop by Florentina Holzinger

          Impulse Dance Festival, Vienna

2020 - 2015

           Various workshops in dance in Berlin and Vienna


Solo exhibition

2023 Radiated, creature, champagne, shaggy, lump

         Multimedia installation and performance

         Diploma exhibition

         Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, Vienna

2022 Death Shuttle into the World

         Objects, painting

         Gallery Vinvin, Vienna Contemporary Art Fair, Zone 1, Vienna

2021 Fibers pass through gates


         Inventory, Sophienspital, Vienna

2020 Michelangelo

         Painting, Sculpture

         Gallery Vinvin, Vienna

2015 Buffalo Bill

         Installation and performance

         Aquarium, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Institutional Shows

2024 Kunsthalle Vienna

2022 Mumok - Museum of Modern Art, Vienna

2020 Schauspielhaus, Vienna

2019 Belvedere 21 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna

2018 Mumok Kino, Vienna


Selected Group Shows

2023 Life on it‘s own

Exhibition title

Kunstraum Schwaz, AT

2023 Echo - Play in a Maquette


FanVid, Dublin

2022 Shoes of my gallerist


Scherben, Berlin 

2022 Jackie Killer Doll

Installation and music

In: Capital and Class: How thick is the butter on your bread?. Exhibit Studio, Vienna

2021 Echo - Play in a Maquette 

Installation, film, performance

In: Probs. Sign, Groningen, NL

2021 End of Game


Galleria UNA, Milan, IT

2020 Baby through coin

Performance, Video, Installation

Bauhaus Price Exhibition, Weimar

2019 Untitled (Frame 4)


In: About the New, 21er Haus/Belvedere, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna

2019 Untitled (Textile)


Chambre de Ami Tehran, Iran

2018 I want to keep this level as long as I can


Taylor Macklin, Project Space, Zurich

2018 Casting

Performance, Film

Mumok Kino, Museum of Modern Art, Vienna

2017 Im Auto


Wer ist Dichter II? Bibliothek der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien


Selected Readings

2023 Ve.sch Kunstverein, Vienn

2023 Symposium for Writers, Hotel Magdas, Vienna

2022 Bildrecht, Vienna

2022 Suzie Shride Gallery, Vienna 


2023 Interview about Me after two anal orgasms with Frederike Maas, Zurich


2023 Me after two anal orgasms, novel, Verlag Edition 502, Berlin

2023 The test reading. Text, In: Dis/Claim Magazine, Vienna

2020 Matches, text, In: Offbiennale, Budapest

2019 In the car. Text, In: Arts of the working class, Berlin

2017 I want to keep this level as long as I can. Text, In: Wiener Löhne, Vienna

2017 In the baker eats white the death, text, In: Seminar book Helmut Draxler

2015 Blablarism. Rules of School. In: Publication of the Heimo Zobernig Class.

Stage text

2020 Entering the blue, Schauspielhaus, Vienna


Selected texts written for artists

2023 Life on its own, class exhibition Julian Göthe, Galerie Schwaz.

2023 Rough Rider. Christian Mühlbauer, image space, Vienna

2022 Global Arts. Luca Büchler, Lucerne

2021 Diametral Gifts. Lena Gold, Vienna

2021 Under Red Sun. Gasper Kunšič, Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana

Contributions in catalogs

2023 Catalog of the diploma exhibition

Academy of Fine Arts, self-published

2022 Catalog of the Vordemberge - Gildewart Prize exhibition

Mumok, Vienna

2019 Catalog for Über das Neue

Belvedere21, Vienna

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