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"Anne Schmidt’s protean œuvre culminates in her thesis installation Radiated, Creature, Champagne, ragged, Lump, 2023 which stars giant ice-cream-cone sculptures, a chainsawed Procrastination pig the autofictional novel Me after Two Anal Orgasms, and tennis balls as well as the artist herself.


Schmidt’s precise and vigorous engagement with normative images of desire in capitalist consumer society and probing creative scrutiny of institutional logics reflects her background as both an activist and a scholar of culture."

Astrid Peterle Curator Kunsthalle Wien

Kunsthalle Vienna Karlsplatz

Photo: Klaus Pichler


What happened to grandma will happen to you, 2024


Film 3:17 min


​Medienfrische Festival for Media Art, Boden

Relics of a past life. Preservation of the mostly invisible. Waiting between being and passing away.

Anne Schmidt inscribes the transience of the human body into the space, creating an interplay of absence and presence, of finiteness and infinity. The time between life and decay, between being and death becomes visible in the space. The result is intimate insights into the passing of a life. The question of the benefits of our transient togetherness stares inexorably at the audience in the form of a socket.

Text: Miriam Unterthiner

Fotocredits: Katja Striedlmeyer


Untitled (Mirror, My S Ex is bed, Fathers, Shareholders, Resident Evil), 2024

Film10:23 min

Medienfrische Festival for Media Art, Boden

Untitled (Mirror, My S Ex is bed, Fathers, Shareholders, Resident Evil) is the first collective work by internationally renowned artists Anne Schmidt and Daria Melnykova. For the first time, they provide intimate insights into their place of being and working in Boden, which they share not only with each other but also with the public for the duration of the exhibition. 

The threshold of the door marks the discarding of the present experience of time, the boundary between now and then.

The work invites you to rediscover your own seventeen-year-old experience together with the artists in a direct and honest way, to expose yourself to the exposure and defencelessness of this space in order to allow the emotional life smouldering in the room. Sounds emerge from within the seventeen-year-old body and allow the world of the now to interact with that of the seventeen-year-old.

Text: Miriam Unterthiner

Fotocredits: Vitaly Vankovy

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