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Death Shuttle into the worldAnne Schmidt
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"nominiert..." Vordemberge-Gildewart Stipendium 2022

museum für moderne kunst Sammlung Ludwig - mumok Wien

2. Juni bis 21. August 2022

Death Shuttle into the World 

2022 ·  Installation · Paintings · mixed media ·  300 × 300 × 240 cm

My work Death Shuttle into the World is based on an opera composed by me. 

It deals with the death of the art  work in the museum, the end of the eara of contemporrary art and the ghostly presence of the working class as a political narrative and aesthetic. 


The installation is refers to the historical stage architecture of an amphitheater or anatomy hall. 

The stage is made of metal, it is surrounded by burnt shoes, figures made of veneer wood act in it.


In paintings I have been exploring the differences between class aesthetics and their legitimation as art through art history. If death is present, it can now haunt society in the form of ancestors, ghosts, the oppressed, and apparitions. 


The sonic theatre opens up in an associative space, 

consisting of samples, recorded voices and frequency modulations. 

On the stands harlequins act in their typical way and burned shoes misslead the way. 


In the midst of these generic poses, the spectators search for answers and perform the moment of art contemplation on the stage of the amphitheater.


Installationviews: Klaus Pichler

Figures: Anne Schmidt

Paintings: Jennifer Gelardo

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